Linda H.
"If you need a great moving company Jake is the one you want to call. They are amazing. Hard workers and will never disappoint." 
Tracy G.
"Thank you so much for your help yesterday!! You guys were unbelievable, friendly and hard working! I gave your card to a guy that was talking about moving soon!! I hope he calls! We gave you good reviews!!" 
Ashley D.
"Very professional and took great care moving our valuables! I would highly recommend Anderson Moving!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  
Josh A.
"Great work Anderson Moving! Your honesty, attention to detail, hard work and positive attitude is a reflection of why so many people trust you with their business and personal belongings. People love doing business with a local family business that is good for their word and offers a great price." 

Tracey H.
"You did a great job! My mom was very pleased and we both highly recommend you!"

Ashley K.
"Thanks so much, you guys are the best!!"
Robert A.
"Thanks Jake and Kyle for your help with the move from Milwaukee to Stanley. Jacob Anderson Moving far exceeded our expectations. Quick, effecient, and vary careful with all our items."
Hannah R.
"Jake and Kyle did a marvelous job moving me from Eau Claire, WI to St. Paul. Punctual, friendly, and professional, these fellas made an excellent, efficient team. Thanks, guys! Five stars!"

Susie J.
"You did a great job moving us. We now have all of the boxes unpacked and nothing was broken, you were timely, and professional. Thank you and Happy New Year!"

JoAnn P.
"100 % satisfaction! On time, correct with estimate, quick, careful, courteous, efficient. Highly recommend contacting them for your moving needs!!!" 
Tina J.
"It was a long day, but we got the job done! Awesome job guys! A huge thank you to Jake Anderson & Kyle Lindgren for doing such an awesome job! We really appreciate it!" 
Emily S.
"Thank you Jake and Kyle! We will recommend you to the highest regard to all our friends....great job! We were very pleased with your pricing, availability, prompt arrival, care of our items, and friendly easy-going attitude :) So very glad we could work with you!"
Mary M.
"Thank you for making our move so stress free! You guys were awesome! " 
Susan D.
"Jake and Kyle are the best! I would recommend them to anyone."
Mary O.
"Thank you guys so much, you did a great job and made life so much easier for us! Absolutely would recommend you any time!"
Chris H.
"Thanks so much for helping us move. Even though we had more than anticipated for you, you still treated our items and family with respect.​ Thank you thank you thank you!" 
Ashley K.
 "I highly recommend Anderson Moving to anyone looking to move. They made the moving process a smooth one. . .took excellent care of all of our things and were extremely efficient. Very reliable, flexible, and easy to work with. Thank you Anderson Moving!"   
Brian G.
"We used Jake to move us out of our house by Lake Wissota and to our new house on west hill of Chippewa, he and Kyle were great a couple of trips and everything stored at new house, would recommend him to anyone, Thanks Jake!" 
Linda B.
"You guys rock this moving business!"   
Sarah C.
"Thank you so much for your assistance with my moving. You 2 were awesome! I'm completely recommending you to everyone. I have to be honest I was nervous about having movers move my things due to my prior landlord foreclosure on their house, and predicament I was in I found myself being rushed and I called a quick help. . . . Needless to say it turned into 2 college kids making a quick 100 bucks and breaking A LOT and I do mean a lot of my things. You and your son were so awesome. I felt terribly guilty watching you 2 working so hard. And so respectful and fun going."