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Estimates are based on the inventory discussed as well as any costs for rental trucks, gas, meals, tolls, packing/unpacking, supplies (i.e. boxes) hotel, airfare, rental car and labor fees. For further detail on how estimates are generated, please contact Anderson Moving directly for availability of the applicable sections of our tariff for the estimate of charges.

Complaints or Inquiries Procedure
The complainant may contact Anderson Moving by calling 715-313-0766 and speaking directly with the owner, Jake or they can put a complaint/inquiry through the Website at Phone call charges are based on the customer and/or Anderson Moving phone plans.
The complainant must provide his/her name, phone number, when they were moved by Anderson Moving and details of the complaint/inquiry.
Anderson Moving will respond to the complaint/inquiry within 3 business days. At this time Anderson Moving will complete a Complaint/Inquiry Form and discuss with the complainant further action and/or determination of the complaint/inquiry.
Once the complaint has been properly filed in writing and you have received a determination, you have the right to arbitration of your case.

Arbitration Procedure
Arbitration is a dispute resolution process whereby a neutral arbitrator will resolve your dispute instead of a court. The arbitrator’s decision is binding on both parties.

Anderson Moving participates in the following arbitration program:
Arbitration Program Name: Moving Authority Corp
Address: 3651 Lindell Rd. Suite D 1078
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103